The last article of this preview series presents Geneve, a mage from Paris versed in the spells of the Conspiracy school of magic. As the previous mage, Marco, she enters the Black Rose Wars with its first expansion, Hidden Thorns.

Geneve, from Paris, masters the spells of Conspiracy


  • Favorite School of Magic: Conspiracy
  • Custom Spell: Danse Macabre

“So, milady, how do your respond to the accusations brought against you by Father Jean-Jaques regarding the use of dark magic?” The King of France’s authoritarian tone caused a worrying silence to fall upon the entire room. The entire court had been summoned for this hearing, and in all the pompous faces surrounding Geneve, there was only one verdict: guilty.

“I wish I could say that evil is not hiding among us in disguise, but alas, I would be lying,” responded the woman, somewhat contritely, causing a murmur of disapproval among the bystanders. “And unfortunately, I must point to my own accuser as the Devil’s herald, who hides the Devil’s symbol on his left arm!” she concluded with great emphasis, taking advantage of the commotion that followed to mutter an incomprehensible arcane word.

Father Jean-Jaques was stunned. “You treacherous witch, how dare you make such defamatory accusations toward a priest of the Church?!” he exclaimed furiously, moving toward the center of the room. “Look, your Majesty, all of you, look! My left arm is immaculate, just as my soul…,” the words stuck in his throat as he lifted his sleeve to reveal the effigy of a black rose outlined in red, impressed on his wrist.

“The profane symbol!” someone yelled in the crowd, triggering a succession of horrified comments toward the still dumbfounded priest. “Guards!” bellowed the King, rising from his throne, “Arrest that imposter!”

Geneve's Custom Spell.

A group of soldiers armed with muskets strode towards him, but Father Jean-Jaques suddenly awoke from his stupor, railing against his assailants. “Stop! You cannot... I am an emissary of God...”, but both he and his protests were forcefully dragged away, out of the throne room.

Everyone was shocked, everyone except Geneve, who was quickly confronted by the King. “Forgive me for doubting you, milady. You have demonstrated courage and determination, qualities wasted on a simple lady-in-waiting. For this reason, starting today I would like for you to assist the Queen as her personal advisor.”

Geneve expressed amazement, “I am honored, your Majesty.” She nodded her head as a sign of acceptance and took her leave with slight reverence, holding back a grin of satisfaction.

Once outside the gardens of the royal palace, her personal messenger approached her with a letter bearing a rose symbol impressed on the seal. The contents of the letter were nothing more than a trivial invitation to a party, but as soon as Geneve muttered an incomprehensible phrase, the lines in the letter were slowly rearranged to compose a very different text. As she read those words, the woman couldn’t help but smile openly.

“Tell my coachman to prepare my carriage and luggage,” she commanded her messenger, who had been left waiting. “Tomorrow we must leave for Turin.” The Lodge had finally acknowledged the merits of her work, offering her the opportunity to become the Grand Master.

With Geneve, we close this preview series. Now you know the four mages coming in the Black Rose Wars Core Game and the two coming in Hidden Thorns, the four schools of Magic, and also the game setting and how it plays. At this point, you are ready to enter in the Black Rose Lodge!

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