Nuts! Publishing

Modern board-wargames and thematic games from France.

  • This War Without an Enemy

    A strongly thematic 2-player strategic block wargame, set during the 17th century English Civil War.
  • Fitna: Global War in the Middle East

    A card-driven wargame depicting the military confrontations in the Middle East since 2012 up to the near future.
  • 300: Earth & Water

    Be the master of land and sea! At the start of the 500 BCE, the Persian Empire decided to invade Greece, starting a 50 years war for hegemony of the eastern Mediterranean.
  • Mini Rogue

    Play as an adventurer delving into a dungeon, room after room, floor after floor, area after area, level after level, to find the mysterious Og’s Blood ruby.
  • Mini Rogue: Depths of Damnation

    A full scale expansion for the minimalist dungeon crawler board game, introducing "Choose Your Own Story" cards.
  • Mini Rogue: Glittering Treasure

    Heighten your experience with the allure of gold: a expansion set of cards produced with a stunning and glittering holographic foil effect.
  • We Are Coming, Nineveh!

    A two-player intense tactical game reproducing the liberation of west Mosul by Iraqi security forces in 2017.
  • Saigon 75

    A fast-paced strategy game pitting the “Communist” forces from North Vietnam and the Viet Cong against the “Liberal” forces from South Vietnam.
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