The series of articles about Black Rose Wars continues to present the Mages of the Black Rose Order. Following Jaf’ar and Tessa, let’s know Rebecca, a mage from Salento who will use her skills to revive the dead and serve the cause of the lodge" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Tessa, let’s know Rebecca, a mage from Salento who will use her skills to revive the dead and serve the cause of the lodge.

The revengeful Rebecca will use her skills to revive the dead.


  • Favorite School of Magic: Necromancy
  • Custom Spell: Putrify

A fresh morning breeze was blowing from the Ionian, caressing the violet colored silk cape embracing Rebecca’s tall and slender silhouette, right up to the top of her head. With each step, the thick, lush grass on which she walked turned a yellowish color until completely dry-ing, creating a melancholy path in the direction of the solitary headstone erected at the top of the hill. When she reached the anonymous white marble stele, almost two meters high, she stopped, fixing a menacing gaze upon the effigy of the Black Rose, delicately etched into the smoothly polished stone. Although much time had passed, an uncontainable river of rage re-surfaced at the mere thought of that cursed day.

“Here I am, master,” she whispered, her own words mixed with the hissing of the wind. “It took eight long years of intense training, but now I’m here to tell you that finally, you will have your revenge. Be not afraid, I will destroy each of my enemies, one after the other, showing no mercy. I will drain every glimmer of vital essence from their bodies, dragging them into the tight, cold grip of a slow death. And finally, once I am done, from the cold and lifeless bones of that insolent faun, I will take back the seal she stole from you. Then, I will make my way to her lands, and as the holder of the title of Grand Master of the Black Rose Lodge, I will inun-date them with an unimaginable onslaught of undead knights, whose only instruction will be to terminate every single living creature they encounter.” A treacherous, smug grin appeared on Rebecca’s impassive face. “Nothing will be left of the wild faun race, not even a faded memory.” For a few minutes, she remained self-absorbed in reflective silence, before turning on her heels, ready to confront that long journey, which from the south of Lucania would take her to the city of Turin, but a familiar figure appeared to be waiting for her at the foot of the hill.

Rebecca's Custom Spell.

“Don’t do it,” said her sister, Arianna, in a compassionate tone as she moved closer. “Don’t become what our master would never have wanted you to become.” Rebecca’s gaze was filled with hate. Even if they shared the same blood and identical somatic traits, Arianna had remained a simple apprentice, she had no right to make such exhortations toward an expert enchantress.

“The fauns will have no future,” replied Rebecca, limiting her response, barely holding back her anger as she passed by her sister’s side. “Nor will anyone who dares to get in my way.” She stepped past her sister and continued, without waiting for a reply.

The next article will present Nero.

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