The series of preview articles about Black Rose Wars continues. Following the game overview and setting, and the first two Schools of MagicConspiracy and Destruction, it’s time to present the next two: Divination and Illusion.

The Eye of Clairvoyance, symbol of the Divination Schooll of Magic.


The Mages of this School are condemned to knowing the destiny of people and things.

But the Mage of Divination cannot only be called a Clairvoyant, Seeker, or Foreseer. He’s not an empty cup for the Gods to fill with knowledge, but rather a true Master and Controller of Time and Space, a Weaver of Fate. The Masters of the School leave nothing to chance - every move is played like a chess game, with knowledge and the power that comes from wisdom. Hourglasses, the Sight, the Sacred Rites of the Seasons, and the pages of History: Divination Mages use Spells to explore the past, foresee the future, and bend events to their will. The symbol of this School is the Eye of Clairvoyance, enlightened by a golden sun, symbol of Light.

The goal of Divination is the full control of the game, by using Events and Activating the Lodge Rooms. The Mages use their Spells to look for cards before drawing them, choose Lunar Quests, or even guarantee the successful completion of their own Quests without even lifting a finger. They can place Altars to celebrate the Rites of the Seasons and win Power Points. Taking first turns, drawing cards from the Library, and Activating many Rooms are just a few of the things that can be done with Divination.

  • Key elements of Spells: Altars for Power Points and control, Quest Completion, Power Points, Healing of others and oneself, Searching for cards, Drawing cards
  • Affinity with other Schools: Conspiracy, Illusion, and Necromancy
  • Difficulty: Medium/High

The symbol of Illusion school is the Double-Faced Mask.


Madness incarnated, the Illusionist creates mazes of mirrors, shades and shadows, deceiving his victims and driving them insane to the verge of death. The Masters of the School of Illusion never lose a trick, and never back down from the chance to make fools of their enemies. They never face a direct fight; they veil with Spells and obscure their deadly intentions towards those who dare to challenge them. Everything is a show to them, and no spectator can be spared.

Everybody plays a role in their macabre Theatre of Death. Everybody believes themselves to be in sight of victory, while they are only betrayed by their senses, trapped in the Illusion game. The symbol of the School is the Double-Faced Mask, representing the mystical duality, the frail balance between genius and madness.

The objective of the Illusionist is to use all of the resources already on the field and turn enemy tactics to his own advantage. Illusionists copy other Mages’ Quests, and they play with their minds by stealing the enemy’s creatures and playing with their movements as if they were puppets.

Many cards of the School allow the choice between two Effects, the Smiling Mask and the Crying Mask. Happiness brings gains to the Illusionist, while Sadness is the ruin of his enemies.

Traps and Protections are also weapons of this deceiving School.

  • Key elements of Spells: Copying of Effects, Gaining Power Points, Traps on Actions, Control of Evocations and Mages, Replication of Spells, Construct to Activate Rooms
  • Affinity with other Schools: Conspiracy, Destruction, Divination
  • Difficulty: High

In the next article, you will be able to learn more about the Necromancy and Transmutation schools of magic.

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