After announcing the launch of the Wings of Glory WW2 game (created by A. Angiolino and P. Paglia) with 4 Airplane Packs and a Starter Set, Ares Games announces its first releases for the WW1 version of the game.

The first WW1 products - to be released worldwide in January 2012 - are two extra-large models, the WW1 bombers Caproni CA.3 and Gotha G.V. At the same time, a rules pack will be released, including the rulebook, damage cards and counters required to play with these models as well as similar planes which are planned to be produced in the future.

“As the core mechanics of Wings of Glory are essentially the same of the Wings of War products created by Andrea Angiolino and Piergiorgio Paglia, we are developing new Wings of Glory products to keep them fully compatible with the Wings of War sets and expansions already in the market,” declared Ares Games’ CEO Christoph Cianci, “so that existing fans may continue to play the game combining our new releases with their previous purchases. Wings of War players will be able to add these new models and their rules to their game without any problem.”

The WWI bombers will arrive in two different color schemes and will be sold in packs containing one painted and assembled 1/144 model with the flight stand and the cards related to that airplane. The Bombers rules pack, which provides the rules and counters necessary to play with the models, will be sold separately. WW1 bombers and their rules are scheduled to be available worldwide at the beginning of 2012.

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