Today, the series of preview articles about Black Rose Wars brings two more Schools of Magic: Necromancy and Transmutation. The previous articles presented the game setting and how it plays and the first four Schools of Magic – Conspiracy and Destruction, and Divination and Illusion.

The Grey Skull, Grim of Death, symbol of Necromancy school.


Necromancy, the Lordship of the Undead. Cold and dark as black ice is the heart of the Mage of this School. Forget the warm rays of the sun if you dare to embrace this magic.

The sole purpose of the Necromancer is to bring the reign of Death onto the battlefield, to bring terror and corruption to the hearts and bodies of anybody he encounters. This School brings the power to summon Undead creatures, build armors and weapons out of bones, bite as vampires, and grasp with frozen fingers. The Necromancer kills slowly, gaining Power Points in the process, but accurately, painfully, and inexorably.

The symbol of the School is the Grey Skull, Grim of Death. Using the powers of this School isn’t just to inflict damage on enemies, but above all to proliferate the field with horrid Undead creatures. Also, as vampires, they have magic Spells with double effect: life for the Mage who uses them, and death brought upon the victims.

Necromancy can also change to its favor the Damage of other Schools, as a true zombie corrupts with its bite.

  • Key elements of Spells: Damage with Evocations, Numerous Evocations, Direct Damage, Gaining and Stealing of Power Points, Damage conversion
  • Affinity with other Schools: Conspiracy, Destruction, Illusion
  • Difficulty: Low

The School of Transmutation symbol is the Leaf, representing change.


A Mage of Transmutation aims to empower themselves and modify their environment through powerful Spells such as: “Stone Claws”, “Rite of Change”, “Rite of Control”, “Unstable Flames”, and “Disfiguring Mutation”.

Endowed with devastating physical strength, they have no fear of direct combat. It is not only through combat that they gain the power of Transmutation. A Mage of Transmutation will aim to control the environment and everything surrounding it to guarantee victory.

Transmutation Spells generate Instability, making use of the Mage’s empowerment and their ability to make Rooms unstable.

The School of Transmutation symbol is the Leaf, which represents change. The green color represents the beauty of nature.

Almost all Transmutation Spells generate Instability, while certain Effects, mainly those of the Rite Spells, allow additional Instability to be inflicted on Rooms.

  • Key elements of Spells: Close combat Damage, Physical Damage combinations, Placement of Altars through Rites, Instability placement, Movement with Spells, Power Points from Rites
  • Affinity with other Schools: Destruction, Divination
  • Difficulty: Medium

The next article will present the seventh school of magic, the Forgotten.

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