About Us

We are Ares Games!

Christoph Cianci


With 20 years of experience in the gaming industry, first as director of sales in Nexus Editrice, then as CEO of Giochi Uniti, Christoph has been appointed as both CEO and Director of Sales, to lead Ares Games into the fray of the gaming industry!

Roberto Di Meglio

Production, R&D

In the professional gaming industry since 1991, Roberto is focused on finding all around the World the ideas of the best authors, developing new concepts, and making them a reality by bashing suppliers and printing companies in the 6 Continents (but mostly in the Far East...) into submission to the God of War!

Fabio Maiorana

Art Director and Graphic Designer

Young in years but with an ancient experience, Fabio is the veritable "blacksmith" of the weapons of the God of War, forging rough prototypes to make them shine in the glory of full colors and cardboard goodness, for the benefit of the followers of Ares!

Fabrizio Rolla


Part Scribe, part Oracle, but enduring the field of battle as the hardest veteran since 15 years, the job of Fabrizio is to turn the written word of Ares' authors into rules, FAQs, articles- the Words of the God of War - and bring them to the World in a number of languages!

Andrea Fanhoni

P.R. and Communication

The messenger of the God of War, Andrea brings the news and announcements of Ares to the Six Continents, and brings back to Ares the word of the activities of its followers everywhere!

Leonardo Rina

Customer Care and R&D Assistant

A veteran gamer with a penchant for art and history, Leonardo - as befits his name - is a multi-talented minion of Ares, helping the god of War in the relationship with his numerous (and sometime angry) followers, as well as providing insights on the next weapons of war to bring to the battlefield of hobby gaming...

Valentina Dini

Accounting Manager

Catapulted into the gaming world from "real life", Valentina embraced the geekness of the God of War followers with good spirits. With her smarts and skills, she keeps the books in the Temple in good order, making sure that the coffers are always plentiful and the cornucopia of the Olympians never fails to produce more gaming goodness for the faithful.

Laura Neri

Junior Graphic Designer

The most recent addition to our editorial team, Laura always had a passion for board games and all things geek; so, after several years learning art and graphic design and honing her skills, she was ready to become one of the Shield-Maidens of the God of War. She is rumored to have mystical powers (as proven by her uncanny ability to eat all day long while staying thin) and she is now helping the Blacksmith of the Gods to forge new magic weapons for Ares to prevail!

Silvia Sartini

Finance Assistant

Gold flows in and flows out of the coffers of the Temple, and Ares need powerful guardians to secure it flows in the right directions. Last one to come to the service of the God, in a dark time when the country was hit by plague and pestilence, Silvia was summoned to handle this important task. Quickly she learned the way of Ares, and soon she became a devout follower and eager gamer!
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