The previous article presented Black Rose Wars, introducing the setting and the gameplay. As explained then, the Mages have a Grimoire of Spell Cards from six Schools of Magic - Conspiracy, Destruction, Divination, Illusion, Necromancy, and Transmutation. Each School of Magic has a set of 36 Spell Cards, divided in 12 different Spells, and a Reference Card with information on the Elements of the Spells within the School and, on its back, two possible starting Grimoire Spell lists.

There’s also a seventh school of magic, the Forgotten, but its powerful Spells can be used only when a Mage goes to the Black Rose room, and its set includes only 10 unique cards representing the immense power of the Black Rose.

The next articles will focus on the Schools of Magic, starting with Conspiracy and Destruction.

Conspiration dual astral symbol of Moon and Stars, Queens of the Sky.


The Master of Conspiracy has but one goal: to subdue the enemies’ minds to his will. His magic is a mosaic of betrayals, conspiracies, lies, and whispers. Nothing can be left to chance. Nobody escapes the web this arcane spider patiently weaves. Nobody can survive these deadly traps.

The School is represented by the dual astral symbol of Moon and Stars, Queens of the Sky, on the royal purple color, representing also the Court with all its deceptions and falsehoods. Theft and murder, in complete silence behind your back, are just a few of the spiteful moves this Mage can make.

The Conspirator never fights a direct battle in the open, but everybody knows of him, and he is quite feared, with no need for demonstrations. The School of Conspiracy allows Mages to cast Spells of Protection and Traps, and to move as fast as the invisible wind in the Lodge.

A Conspirator completes Quests, steals Quests from enemies, and can even ally with the Black Rose itself, scheming with it to split the Power Points.

  • Key elements of Spells: Movement, Room Activation, Traps to Damage, Stolen Power Points and Quests, Protection to ignore Damage, and Collaboration with the Black Rose
  • Affinity with other Schools: Divination, Illusion
  • Difficulty: Medium/High

Destruction symbol: the Eternal flame of Hell, the source of all of its power.


Destroyer, Bringer of Chaos, Death, and Destruction, the Mage of the School of Destruction has but one goal: devour his enemies and annihilate the world and life itself. The elements of nature, water, air, fire, and earth bow to his will, and there’s no escape for anyone. Such is the curse of the Mage of Destruction. Demons, fireballs, and meteors are just a few of the magical Spells of this School of attack, aggressively oriented to one singular, but very effective, strategy: to battle enemies on the open field in a fight with no rest and no concern for the environment or anything else.

The School of Destruction is only for extremely powerful Mages. Every power and Spell of this School is born from the Fires of Hell. It is said that in Ancient Times the first Masters of the School made pacts written in their own blood with infernal demons in order to gain these destructive powers and open a dark gate from the demons’ dimension to our world. Many epochs and generations later, the masters still sacrifice their blood and souls to summon and control horrid demons.

The symbol of the School is the Eternal Flame of Hell, the source of all of its power. The School will give the Mage who controls it strong fighting skills and the ability to inflict heavy damage at medium and short range. Most of the Spells target areas, so the Mages have a tendency to hit crowded Rooms or try to push Mages to get them all together in Rooms by using specific Spells.

  • Key elements of Spells: Area Damage, Damage to multiple Models, destruction of Quests and Events, blocked movement, Instability placement, and Instability conversion
  • Affinity with other Schools: Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation
  • Difficulty: Low

In the next article, you will be able to learn more about the Divination and Illusion schools of magic.

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