The series of articles about Black Rose Wars continues to present the Mages of the Black Rose Order. Following Jaf’ar, Tessa, and Rebecca, it’s time to introduce Nero, a mage from Rome with noble origins, ready to unleash his destructive magic on those game enough to challenge him.

Nero, a mage from Rome ready to unleash his destructive magic.


  • Favorite School of Magic: Destruction
  • Custom Spell: Ring of Fire

From the wide eastward-facing glass wall of the mansion, it was impossible not to admire the grandeur of the Colosseum, standing as an Ancient Roman God enlightened by the first rays of dawn, towering majestically over the surrounding modest buildings. Since he was a child, Nero used to stop by to contemplate the greatness of that monument, fantasizing every time about fighting there as a young gladiator of the past, surrounded by the cheering of fifty thousand screaming spectators. Even that morning, though he was 30 years old already, the allure of the Colosseum drew him in once again. But this time, the battle waiting for him was not an imaginary one.

Nero’s mind kept wandering through the memories of the last ten years, spent in hard training, as an overwhelming adrenalin rush suddenly hit him. His hands began to release incandescent heat, his powerful muscles started to contract as if under unimaginable pressure, and his breathing became labored, almost exhausted. When even his sight began to blur, the man realized he was almost out of control. “Excuse me, Sir...,” said a sudden, flat male voice from behind him, “your carriage is ready.”

Nero's Custom Spell

With a quick head shake, Nero got back some lucidity and dismissed his servant immediately with a nod. Right after, he closed his eyes and took some deep, long breaths, as his grandfather had taught him, regaining full control of himself. He had to calm down and be patient for a few more hours of traveling, then he would have the chance to unleash all his fury.

The image of the Colosseum kept luring him, but Nero turned his back on it. Upon his return, he would gaze at the monument as a different man, for he had sworn on the honor of his own family that he would return to Rome with the title which had belonged to his grandfather, Grand Master of the Black Rose Lodge... or he would never return at all. “Surrender is not an option,” he whispered resolutely before walking out the door, leaving the luxurious hall of his mansion, a thin trail of black smoke coming from his hands.

Now, you already know the four mages of Black Rose Order included in the core game. In the next articles, we will present the two mages coming in the expansion Hidden Thorns, Marco and Geneve..

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