In the previous articles, we presented the four mages present in Black Rose Wars Core Game. Other two new mages are coming in the first expansion, Hidden Thorns: Marco e Geneve. Hidden Thorns allows to expand the battles fought within the Black Rose Lodge, increasing the maximum number of players to six, or just extend the choice of characters. Let’s meet Marco, an illusionist of Molisan origins.

Marco, of Molisan origins, is specialized in the School of Illusion.


  • Favorite School of Magic: Illusion
  • Custom Spell: Invisibility

The tip of the staff tapped menacingly on the ground as Marco began to slowly spin it. A crowd of onlookers, gathered around a clearing along the western bank of the Grand Canal, stared at the scene, eagerly awaiting the next twist.

Just when it seemed like nothing else would happen, apart from that hypnotic movement, two individuals identical to the artist suddenly appeared behind him, perfectly emulating his every move. The onlookers’ sense of amazement heightened when the copies multiplied to become five, before returning to one. Anticipating yet more applause, Marco spread his cloak as a means of demanding silence before taking a long step forward. His body plunged deep into the shadow before him, leaving the crowd of fifty or so people astonished, staring bewildered at the vacant ground. A few seconds later, from a gondola berthed along the pier, emerged the figure of Marco, who loudly exclaimed “And Voilà!”, prompting a thundering ovation from the crowd.

“Spectacular... Magnificent... Superb... Divine!!” exclaimed a ruddy nobleman, dressed in flashy, high-end clothing. “You are without a doubt the best artist I have ever seen. I’d like you to perform at my wife’s birthday celebrations. For a sizeable fee, of course.”

Marco fixed his eyes on the jewels adorning the man, who was making his way closer. He felt quite pleased with himself for having found yet another sucker to fleece, before catching the glance of the beautiful woman behind him. “Sir, it would be an honor for me to perform for your enchanting wife,” Marco smiled, causing the woman to blush, hiding shyly behind a lavishly embroidered fan.

“Excellent!” exclaimed the well-to-do man, filled with excitement, completely unaware of what was going on, “I’ll have a servant provide you with all the details.” Then he turned on his heels and walked away with his wife, who gave one last mischievous glance to Marco before climbing into a carriage with her husband.

“I don’t believe our master taught us the secrets of magic to enter the homes of noblemen for the sole purpose of stealing their money and their wives’ virtues,” said a sinister voice behind him.

Marco's Custom Spell.

Marco spun around and a weak smile spread across his face as he recognized his old friend, Davide Schiavon. “What brings you out of your lab, you crazy old alchemist?”

The figure he found himself staring at was cloaked from head to toe in a midnight blue cape, the face hidden by a disturbing white mask. “You know how much I adore Carnival, and anyway, I came to give you this,” Davide promptly replied, pulling out a roll of parchment with a wax seal depicting a black rose. The image alone was enough for Marco to know what the message contained.

“So, we’ll meet again in Turin,” Marco said, his voice challenging.

“There’s only one way to find out,” his friend replied in a similar tone, before throwing the parchment to his companion and walking away.

The scroll floated through the air, slowly finding its way into Marco’s bag, as he continued to watch the masked figure of Davide meandering through the crowd of people congesting the square. The opportunity to compete for the title of Grand Master of the Black Rose Lodge was certainly tempting, but the opportunity to finally test his worth in a genuinely arcane battle with his eternal rival, even more so.

In the next articles, we will present Geneve, a mage from Paris who masters the spells of the School of Conspiracy.

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