• New mages, new battles!

    With Hidden Thorns, you can expand the maximum number of players in a Black Rose Wars battle to six. Hidden Thorns introduces two new Mages - Marco, specialized in the School of Illusion, and Geneve, specialized in the spells of the School of Conspiracy. Two new beautiful miniatures, and all the game components needed to play them.

    Expand your choices of Mages or add more players to your games with Hidden Thorns!

    In stores now!

  • New minions for your mages!

    Summonings is a series of three all-miniature expansions for Black Rose Wars, introducing different kinds of summoned creatures: Constructs, Undead, and Demons.
    Each miniature expansion features a different set of creatures which your mage can bring into play, from Undead to Demons, in addition to Constructs. Enhance your Black Rose Wars game experience, or use them with your favorite RPG!

    In stores now!

  • Who’s the most powerful mage?

    Black Rose Wars is a competitive fantasy deck-building game of strategy and combat. Each player is a powerful Mage who aspires to become the new Grand Master. Mages fight each other in a modular arena of hexagonal rooms, summoning powerful creatures, casting destructive spells, or devising dark deceptions with their enchantments.

    Fantastic art, great miniatures, and deep gameplay will open your way into a mysterious world of magical power.

    In stores now!

  • Here comes the Avatar!

    Avatar is a new expansion for Alone. Included you will find 7 new miniatures: 2 new hero miniatures, each one with the related character card, as well as 5 Avatar miniatures, with the corresponding Avatar cards and Hero Power card.

    This set also includes the AVATAR rules, adding a new layer to the gameplay where each Evil player moves an Avatar on the map, trying to trap the Hero in different ways... but the Hero gets more powerful each time the Avatar strikes!

    Coming soon!

  • There's always a Cold War to win!

    In Europe Divided you control one of the two powers, Europe or Russia, in a new so-called Cold War. Moved by a quick-playing card-driven core mechanism, players try to establish political and military influence, gain money, and build and deploy their military presence, scoring the most victory points to win.

    An asymmetrical, strategic, modern history card driven board game of politics, influence and tactical conflict.

    In stores now!

  • Besiege or be sieged? That's your choice!

    Freedom! makes you choose to play overwhelming invading forces, trying to get inside the walls, and the defenders, trying to withstand the siege and protect the city! An asymmetrical siege game, played on two different maps, with innovative mechanics reproducing the siege of Messolonghi by Ottoman forces.

    In Freedom! you will find High replayability, beautiful components and an accurate historical setting.

    In stores now!

  • Do you feel Alone? Fight for your life!

    Alone is a science-fiction survival horror/dungeon crawler game for 2 to 4 players. One player controls the Hero, exploring a map full of dangers and traps, while the other 3 players, having the full map of the scenario in front of them hidden behind a huge screen, manage all the events to stop the Hero from completing his objectives.

    A survival horror/dungeon crawler, played on a modular board, with innovative mechanics.

    In stores now!

  • New forces, new allies, new enemies!

    Alpha is the first expansion set for Alone, the sci-fi survival horror/dungeon crawler game. In this set you will find 2 new hero miniatures and their character cards - the Sniper and the Anti-Grav - as well as 2 boss creature miniatures, each one with matching mission cards - the Alpha Parasite and Defense Droid.

    New miniatures and cards for the hero player and the evil players will make your games more suspenseful and exciting than ever!

    In stores now!

  • Deal or not deal, that's the question!

    Slyville is a game of bluffing and deceit, in which your resource management matters just as much as your poker face, and your ability to figure out the opponents’ strategies. Try to do your best to upset your opponents plan, but above all, secure the most valuable Deals for yourself!

    A "take that" family game with simple rules and lots of player interaction.

    In stores now!

  • Will the King escape his destiny?

    King & Assassins Deluxe Edition is the special edition of this acclaimed fantasy game of strategy and deception for two players. One player controls the vile king and his brutal lackeys walking along their way into the castle, while the other player controls the angry mob and three assassins who hide among the crowd hoping to kill or stop the King.

    Choose your strategy and play one of two different scenarios, using 23 new wonderful plastic miniatures!

    In stores now!

  • Dear mutant, it's time to die!

    Hard City is a “one vs All” tactical adventure miniature game in a classic 1980s movie-inspired setting. One player takes the role of the evil mastermind Doctor Zero and his hordes of mutants, while all the other players become brave Officers of the Hard City Police Department.

    A boardgame that offers action and a cinematic game experience, with high quality components and exciting cooperative gameplay.

    In stores now!

  • German Bombers in sight!

    New arrivals among the bombers for WW2 Wings of Glory! Dornier Do.17 Z and Z10, Junkers Ju.88 A-1 and A-4 are the new bombers, ready to play, expand our WW2 line. These protagonists of the Battle of the Britain for the German Luftwaffe, performing multiple roles in the skies of Europe, are now flying to your gaming tables!

    Expand or complete your collection of WW2 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs today!

    In Stores Now!

  • Be brave, save the little ones!

    In Days of the Siege the players are engulfed in an open conflict happening inside the city. The days of siege are over and rebels have decided to infiltrate Pogoren and engage the occupying forces in the last desperate attempt to take over the city. Players will have to find a way not only to survive, but also to tackle the chaos and brutality of war.

    This three-act campaign features new rules and gives players a chance to shape the future of the war-engulfed city.

    In stores now!

  • Skies in flame!

    A new stunning series of WW1 Wings of Glory is ready to enlarge your collection! The feared and relentless balloon-killer, the Pfalz D.III; the RAF SE.5, one of the most efficient aircraft during the war for the Allies; the great reconnaissance two-seater Rumpler C.IV; the great light bombing Allied two-seater Breguet BR.14.

    Each pack includes a painted and assembled 1/144 scale model, with its special base and maneuver deck, and special cards.

    In stores now!

  • This is your chance to win the War!

    Quartermaster General puts you in command of the major powers of WW2. Supply your forces to keep fighting, destroy your enemies’ supply lines and they will surrender! It’s simple to learn and quick to setup — but difficult to master. Each game plays differently, ensuring superior replayability!

    This Second Edition improves some important game elements keeping all the qualities that made it critically acclaimed.

    In stores now!

  • Fight to the end!

    Cylons are dangerous, but on you Viper Mk. VII you can beat them using your incredible piloting abilities! You can now expand your Battlestar Galactica-Starship Battles game with additional Spaceship Packs.

    The Viper Mk. VII is a great improvement over the Viper Mk. II, with superior battle capabilities and better flight information for the pilot even if Cylons infiltrated the Command Navigation Program. Get one of the three versions, Pegasus, Pegasus/Veteran and Apollo’s!

    In stores now!

  • Become a Professor studying monsters!

    In Dungeonology you play a University Scholar who explores dungeons and perilous places to study monsters' habits, take notes and stay undercover and safe from dangerous creatures.
    Your goal is to gather the most or best quality information to discuss your thesis, facing many dangers during your exploration, to be promoted to the role of professor.

    Expand the game up to 6 players with the first expansion, Erasmus!

    In stores now!

  • Live in a world of fiction, for real!

    Nanty Narking allows you to immerse yourself in the world of Dickens's and Doyle's literature, playing with locations, events, and characters tied to real and fictional characters in Victorian London. Every player has different victory conditions, and you have to satisfy them moving and interacting on the map of London.
    You will find simple game rules, an immersive gameplay, a strong theme and beautiful components.

    In stores now!

  • Fight the Humans!

    Fly your Heavy Raider into battle against the Colonial pilots to end the war! You can now expand your Battlestar Galactica-Starship Battles game with additional Spaceship Packs.

    The Heavy Raider is a Cylon multifunctional spacecraft, capable of attacking the Colonial fleet as well as transporting Cylon fighters on boarding missions against their human enemies. Get one of the three versions, Combat/Transport, Veteran and Captured!

    In stores now!

  • Let's toast them!

    Fly your Raptor in different missions against the Cylons and defend the fleet! You can now expand your Battlestar Galactica-Starship Battles game with additional Spaceship Packs.

    The Raptor is a multiple roles spaceship, capable of short-range FTL jumps, and potentially armed to fight back the Cylon forces, supporting the Viper squadrons in battle. Get one of the three versions available, the SAR/ECM, the Assault/Combat and the Sharon “Boomer” Valerii's Raptor, or all of three!

    In stores now!

  • Aces fly high!

    The best selling series of WW1 Wings of Glory is back! Fokker Triplanes, Sopwith Camels, Albatros D.Vs and SPAD XIIIs are back, with the return of the airplanes flown by the greatest aces of their time, together with two new versions of each model, all featuring beautiful color schemes, famous pilots... or both!

    Expand or complete your collection of WW1 Wings of Glory Airplane Packs today!

    In Stores Now!

  • The Invasion begins!

    Tripods & Triplanes merges ‘The War of the Worlds’ storyline with the historical background of the Wings of Glory game. The knights of the air of WW1 battle against colossal fighting machines sent by the Martians to invade Earth. Take control of an awesome Martian Tripod, or fly in the most advanced flying machines created by Mankind.

    Tripods & Triplanes is a stand-alone game fully compatible with the entire Wings of Glory range.

    In Stores Now!

  • Save your life and sanity, if you can!

    Meet the main characters of Lovecraft’s masterpieces: fight with Robert Olmstead or Zadok Allen, or the dreadful Deep Ones, or with William Dyer and Danforth, or the creatures that haunt Antarctica. Play as a Hero or a Monster, but be careful to keep your true allegiance hidden as long as you can!

    Monsters vs Heroes – Cthulhu Mythos is a fast and fun card game for 2 to 8 players. Now including deck-building rules!

    In Stores Now!

  • Don't turn around!

    IT could be right behind you, looking over your shoulder. It comes to you from the very depths of the dream-world...

    Nightmarium is a fast-playing card game for 2 to 5 players.
    Create monsters that will make your opponents gasp in horror. Nourish them with your own fear. Make them stronger. Only then will you achieve victory and become the Master of Terror.

    Now including the Legions of Horror mini-expansion.

    In Stores Now!

  • Face the Mother of all Dragons!

    Stolen away from their former lives, the Heroes are brought to an unknown land — a beach of black sand and ash on a faraway volcanic island, where they will use their legendary powers to challenge mighty Vastaryous and her vicious Drakonians!

    Vastaryous' Lair is a new epic campaign, to be played by Heroes of maximum Soulrank, as the epic conclusion of the Immortal Souls cycle.

    In Stores Now!

  • The World needs New Heroes...

    Play Skeld, a Dwarf berserker of tremendous strength, a legend among its kin, always ready to fight to the death.
    Or play Volkor, A Drakonian guard, whose destiny was transformed by the spell of a dying Archmage...

    With each Sword & Sorcery Hero Pack, you have the possibility of introducing a new, powerful character into your campaign.

    In Stores Now!

  • So Say We All!

    Fly your Viper to fight off the menace of the Cylons and defend the Galactica! You can now expand your Battlestar Galactica-Starship Battles game with additional Spaceship Packs.

    The Viper is the primary space superiority fighter/attack craft of the Colonial Fleet. At the time of the First Cylon War, the Mark II was designed specifically for use with the Colonial Battlestars. Get a Viper to fly with a custom pilot, or Starbuck's Viper, including her pilot cards ̵ or both!

    In stores now!

  • The Cylons are Here

    Fly your Raider into battle to finally win the war against the Colonies! You can now expand your Battlestar Galactica-Starship Battles game with additional Spaceship Packs.

    The Raider is the primary Cylon assault craft: a bio–mechanical, self–aware living creature, with a complex system of organs, veins and biological fluids inside its main body. Get a Raider to fly with a custom pilot, the frightening Cylon veteran Scar, Starbuck's Captured Raider ̵ or all three!

    In stores now!

  • Hard Times in Pogoren

    As the siege of Pogoren escalates, its citizens must employ new methods of survival. Find safety - and new dangers - in the underground. Meet newcomers from the countryside, bringing new dark tales, and new opportunities as well.

    Find new scenarios, new miniatures, and new stories in the modular expansion Tales from the Ruined City, the first to the acclaimed and innovative This War of Mine - The Boardgame.

    In stores now!

  • The Undead army is on the march

    The darkness is covering all the land, the cemetery gates are no longer closed, and the immortal heroes must now face enemies who ignore pain and never sleep… the undead army! Skeletons, vampires and werewolves appear everywhere... Will the heroes accomplish their mission and finally free their souls from the soul gems’ spell?
    In Sword & Sorcery® Darkness Falls, the heroes’ path brings them toward their final destiny.

    In stores now!

  • In the Dark Streets of London...

    Meet Van Helsing and Sherlock Holmes, Vampires and Imps, Queen Victoria and the Baker Street Irregulars, in this thrilling mash-up of Victorian mystery and horror stories. Play as a Hero or a Monster, but be careful to keep your true allegiance hidden as long as you can!

    Monsters vs Heroes – Victorian Nightmares is a fast and fun card game for 2 to 8 players.

    In stores now!

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