In the previous articles we presented the six starting Schools of Magic in Black Rose Wars. Now, it’s time to learn about the seventh school of magic, the Forgotten. The deck of Forgotten Spells holds extremely powerful spells. It is a set of 10 unique cards representing the immense power of the Black Rose. The only ways to draw from this deck are to Activate the Black Rose Room or to use an effect that specifies to draw cards from the Forgotten Spells. Once cast, a Forgotten spell is eliminated from the game.


The School of Forgotten Magic no longer exists.

Some of the first humans to walk the earth could see and weave magical plots, reveling in the magical flows that they alone could see.

They were able to create powerful Spells thanks to their symbiosis with the magic, but their love for the magical art was quickly transformed into the cause of their own destruction.

The Black Rose made of ash and metal is the symbol of the Forgotten Magic.

Increasingly split between the physical and magical world, they soon disappeared, becoming themselves part of the magical currents. Their apprentices and several of their descendants inherited the powerful Spells they created, but no one was ever able to control or truly understand them, and to this day those who are ill-prepared run the risk of triggering catastrophic effects.

The Black Rose Lodge is the keeper of the Forgotten Magic, and few Grand Masters have ever been able to taste its power. To gain possession of it, a fitting sacrifice must be offered, a price that only the most courageous are willing to pay.

Given that there are no Schools tied to the Forgotten Magic, its symbol has been identified over the centuries as that of the Lodge where it is held, a Black Rose made of ash and metal.

In the next article, we’ll start to present the Mages.

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