War of the Ring – The Card Game's players attending Gen Con can't miss the first Grand Prix Tournament, a special event which will host up to 64 players, with a special edition of some of the most beautiful cards from the core set, art prints, gift certificates, and fun for all participants. The 2024 War of the Ring – The Card Game 2024 Gen Con Tournament will be played in three rounds, each round with a unique variant scenario specifically designed for the event by Ian Brody, and using only the cards from the base game. The scenarios can be played by new players, but greatly favor experienced players. The first round's scenario is available for download.

The tournament will be held on Friday, August 2nd, and registration is open at Gen Con website. See below more details about the event:

Tournament Rounds

The tournament lasts three rounds, and players are expected to play in at least the first two rounds. The first two scenarios are shorter than the scenarios included in the base game.

Teammates will be paired randomly, and players will change teammates between the first two rounds.

If there is an odd number of participants, a judge may play as a substitute in the tournament but cannot advance to the final round. If the number of players (including substitutes) is not divisible by four, two players will play each other, two handed.

The four highest-ranking players will play in the final round. Ranking will be determined as follows:
● Players who won in both rounds, regardless of the number of points scored in the games, will be ranked higher than players who won in only one round.
● Among the players who won the same number of rounds, players will be ranked by summing the scoring difference in their teams’ winning game(s), and then deducting the scoring difference in their teams’ losing games.
● Ties will be broken by summing the total number of VPs the players’ teams earned in the two rounds.
● If there is still a tie, the winner will be determined randomly.

Tournament Bidding Rules

After teams are established, the teams may bid Victory Points to choose a side.*

The bidding procedure will be as follows:
● A coin will be flipped, and the winning team may then declare a bid by announcing that a certain number of VPs should be added to or subtracted from a certain side at the beginning of the scenario. If the winning team does not wish to bid, the other team may bid.
● The team that did not make a bid then chooses its side! Hence, you will not know which side you’re playing when you make a bid. Any bid offered must be accepted.
● Coins or some other markers may be used to represent bid Victory Points.

* While we endeavor to sufficiently balance the scenarios, if you disagree with our assessment, we would rather give you the opportunity to adjust the balance than have you feel you lost due to which side you played.

Tournament Etiquette

Naturally, players must adhere to the rules of Gen Con and the usual norms of gaming etiquette (as determined by the judges on a case-by-case basis). Additionally, to expand upon the “Who Can See What” rules on page 9 of the Rulebook, teammates cannot communicate in code or in a manner designed to be incomprehensible to the other team. For the purposes of the Gen Con tournament, all communication between players must be in English, unless all players involved agree otherwise before each game begins.


Prizes will be awarded for participation before the event begins. All players will receive the same participation prizes.

Prizes will be awarded for all players wo participate in both rounds one and two and will given to players still present at the end of round two.

The final four players will receive a finalist prize with the winning team taking home the championship prize.


Each round will use a different scenario. To preserve the mystery and ensure the highest level of challenge, only the first scenario will be revealed in full. The details for the scenarios in rounds two and three will not be revealed until each round begins.

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