With this article, the preview series of the new campaign for Sword & Sorcery, has reached the introduction of the final three enemies coming in the Ancient Chronicles Core Set: the demons Drakendwarf and Soul Eater, and the humanoid Elf Priestess.

Drakendwarf: born from the crossing of black dwarfs with tyrant lizards.

Drakendwarf (Demon)

Created from dark arcane arts, Drakendwarfs are demons born from the crossing of mighty black dwarfs with the diabolical tyrant lizards.

Warriors as formidable as they are difficult to subjugate, it is said that in addition to obtaining the typical resistance of dwarfs, they have inherited and taken their restlessness to the extreme. In the wilds of the Underreign, it is not unusual to find some drakendwarfs that have escaped their masters.

Soul Eaters: giant guardians of dark caverns.

Soul Eater (Demon)

Constructs are often considered the best bodyguards of sorcerers and sorceresses. Giant inanimate guardians loyal to their assigned task... forever! Countless are the dark caverns, now abandoned by wizards, where a Soul Eater menacingly awaits those who dare to violate the will of its departed arcane master.

Elf Priestess: poweful adepts of the snake's cult.

Elf Priestess (Humanoid)

The Elf priestess are usually chosen by Aspides herself as her personal adepts of the snake's cult. Invoking darkness globes and making raining fire are just some of the powers granted by this obscure cult.

Thanks to their rank in the Aspides’ society, the elf priestess are usually in charge as leaders of troops, and commanding armies with the striking of their terrible whips.

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