The previews of Ancient Chronicles continues with three more enemies coming in this new campaign of Sword & Sorcery. In the previous article we presented Tyrant Lizard, Elder Spider, and Black Dwarf. This time, let's get acquainted with the monsters Giant Spider and Serpent, and the humanoid Hobgremlin.

Giant Spider uses its web to slow down its preys.

Giant Spider (Monster)

One of the many creatures populating the dark caves of the Underreign, this monster is able to slow down its prey with its web and to work together with other spiders to prevail in battle!

Fortunately, giant spiders are scared by fire and are very vulnerable to its effects. Don't forget your torch!

Serpent: huge snakes with iridescent scales.

Serpent (Monster)

In a reign without sunlight, reptiles have evolved to survive off the heat radiating from the ground. The extraordinary radiation of the subterranean environment has given birth to huge snakes with iridescent scales.

In addition to their deadly poison, their coils can wrap a humanoid in a mortal grip, easily breaking the bones of its victims!

Hobgremlin, a merciless race of the Underreign.

Hobgremlin (Humanoid)

One of the most merciless races of the Underreign, the hobgremlins - similar in appearance to a gremlin, but even more wicked, powerful, and cruel.

These creatures are well-known for three main traits: they are attracted by coins, they are able to steal any item and, if fed with the blood of their victims at night, they can acquire new and unpredictable powers!

Three new enemies will be introduced in the next article. Additionally, check out the overview of the Ancient Chronicles new campaign and the new Heroes to play.

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