Ancient Chronicles, the new campaign of the epic-fantasy cooperative dungeon crawler game Sword & Sorcery, will be released soon. To get ready to its arrival, let's learn a bit more about this new cycle. We already presented a comprehensive overview of what's coming, and now it's time to take a look at the five heroes presented in the Ancient Chronicles Core Set, each of them in two versions, representing parallel destinies of the same person, born from past choices that shaped the nature of their very soul.

The elf Artemis: Scout or Hunter.


Each battle is a hunt, and each enemy represents fresh prey for Artemis’ curved blades. Disowned by her people, Artemis grew up in the wilderness protected by white moon tigers, and as she grew up to be a powerful warrior, she in turn became their protector. She has a special link with Dharma, her inseparable companion, living and fighting as one with Artemis. She can be played as a Scout or Hunter.

Scout {Cursed Elf - Law}

Artemis takes advantage of being alone in the fight, reacting with deadly strikes against any enemy movement.

Hunter {Cursed Elf - Chaos}

Artemis is focused on killing wounded prey, and she gets the upper hand in any situation when her group is in supremacy.

The war-priest Jeanne: Avenger or Inquisitor.


Thanks to the powers granted by the gods, Jeanne is a valiant fighter gifted with divine magic to aid allies or punish the wicked. A righteous war-priest, Jeanne is sworn to defend the Cult of the Three Gods... at all costs. Jeanne can be played as an Avenger or Inquisitor.

Avenger {Human – Law}

Jeanne, like any good Aneres follower, is sworn to heal and defend her comrades, even at the cost of becoming the target of the most lethal enemies.

Inquisitor {Human – Chaos}

Jeanne is sworn to destroy the unbelievers; their lack of respect toward her faith swiftly brings her punishment onto them with a devastating fury! As any worthy adept of Mir should do.

The halfman Robin: Alchemist or Thief


Intelligence and cunning can be powerful weapons, even more so than brute force. This is especially true when there is Robin the halfman on the battlefield! With a nature perfectly balanced between law and chaos, Robin can be played as an Alchemist or Thief.

Alchemist {Halfman – Neutral}

Robin lends his precious skills to his friends, to improve any potion or elixir or even to create new ones! But at the same time, his acidic preparations are able to deal terrible damage, especially against heavily armored foes.

Thief {Halfman – Neutral}

Robin takes advantage of his small stature to move quickly and undisturbed on the battlefield. He is able to set up poisonous traps, inflict sneak attacks with either melee or ranged weapons, and to skillfully disarm traps, escaping their dangers!

The dwarf Thorgren: Gladiator or Stonerager.


Thorgren is a fierce warrior who fought in the sands of the arena for glory and survived the cruelest battles until the crowd elected him... God of the Arena! Thorgren can be played as a Gladiator or Stonerager.

Gladiator {Dwarf – Law}

Thorgren represents a veteran fighter who prefers to forsake heavy armor in favor of speed and maneuverability, using a wide variety of weapons and combat styles.

Stonerager {Dwarf – Chaos}

Thorgren makes his indomitable rage his most powerful ally. The sight of his own blood makes him even more deadly, oblivious to any consequences.

The elf Xantares: Illusionist or Wild Mage.


No one is more dangerous and unpredictable than Xantares, a mystical elf imbued with unearthly arcane magic. Xantares can be played as an Illusionist or Wild Mage.

Illusionist {Elf – Law}

Xantares' illusions can warp and distort anything, beginning with his own features and rising to twisting others' very perception of reality! When his exhausted allies are facing dire odds, he can summon forth terrors that scare away all but the most determined enemies.

Wild Mage {Elf – Chaos}

Xantares’ chaotic magical arts produce powerful yet unpredictable effects that grant invaluable aid in a region where danger is everywhere, and combat is relentless. Even the most fearsome enemies balk as reality melts around them!

Stay tuned for the next preview articles to know more about Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles!

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