Ancient Chronicles, the new campaign for Sword & Sorcery game, is arriving soon! Following the overview of what's coming and the article presenting the new Heroes of the Ancient Chronicles Core Set, it's time to introduce the 12 Enemies - the monsters Tyrant Lizard, Elder Spider, Giant Spider, Serpent, and Minotaur; the humanoids Black Dwarf, Elf Assassin, Elf Witch, Elf Priestess, and Hobgremlin; and the demons Drakendwarf and Soul Eater.

Let's start with the monsters Tyrant Lizard and Elder Spider, and the humanoid Black Dwarf.

The gigantic reptile Tyrant Lizard.

Tyrant Lizard (Monster)

Typically announced by a rhythmic growling noise, first a scale-covered head and then the whole body of a Tyrant Lizard emerges from the darkness. This gigantic reptile has razor-sharp talons and muscles so powerful it can climb the rocky walls.

The beast’s devilish eyes usually rest upon its prey for a few moments and then, with a fluid motion and a terrifying screech, the lizard jumps over the victim slashing him with its deadly claws!

Elder Spider, the perfect predator.

Elder Spider (Monster)

Soon or later, this threatening creature surely reaches its prey, revealing itself to be a hulking, devilish spider! Its eight red eyes scan the area with a murderous glare. Nothing can escape its scrutiny!

Its palps move rhythmically, its chelicerae drip with poison, and its eight armored legs grasp the web with wicked paired claws.

Untold millennia of evolution have transformed this creature into the perfect predator, a soulless butcher!

Aspide's Black Dwarf clerics.

Black Dwarf (Humanoid)

The Black Dwarf clerics are humanoid beings with dark blue skin, darker souls, and blasphemous hearts. They represent the main exponents of the Aspides' cult.

Focused on healing the wounds of their soldiers, these enemies can also be dangerous in close combat due to the battle hammers they carry on the battlefield.

In the next article, three more enemies will be presented. Stay tuned!

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