The backers of the Sword & Sorcery - Abyssal Legends crowdfunding campaign can now access the Pledge Manager at Late backers are also allowed to use the Pledge Manager to support the game if they missed the project on Kickstarter. Abyssal Legends, the mind-bending climax to the Ancient Chronicles and Immortal Souls campaigns of Sword & Sorcery, was funded in July 2023 with 3,006 backers and $366,129 pledged.

Abyssal Legends: epic climax for S&S Ancient Chronicles and Immortal Souls.

Abyssal Legends will bring the dark and scary vibes of the Cthulhu mythos to the Sword & Sorcery world. The immortal heroes sail to the anchorage of the Ancient Mariner port to investigate a mysterious death at the Heavenshine monastery, and to seek the source of a terrible dream: the shared vision of a sunken city, twisting into a nightmare of blasphemous tentacles, horrifying images, and ending with the silhouette of a titanic creature... the Great Elder One.

Sword & Sorcery fans who missed the Kickstarter campaign can also pledge now, choosing either the Abyssal Hero Pledge ($99) - including a copy of Abyssal Legends with all the content of the normal version, plus all Kickstarter content and all unlocked mystery and social goals; and the Abyssal Champion Pledge ($249) - including the Hero Pledge rewards Ancient Chronicles and Northwind Tales, plus all the KS-Exclusive items of the previous Sword & Sorcery – Ancient Chronicles Kickstarter. The Pledge Manager also includes campaign sets and add-ons.

For more information, visit the S&S Abyssal Legends Pledge Manager.

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