The preview series of of Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles continues presenting new enemies – the monster Minotaur and the humanoids Cursed Elf Assassin and Cursed Elf Witch. Six other enemies were already introduced - Tyrant Lizard, Elder Spider, Black Dwarf, Giant Spider, Serpent, and Hobgremlin. The final three will come in the next article. To see the previous articles, check the links at the bottom.

The extremely rare Minotaur.

Minotaur (Monster)

A colossal battle-scarred creature, half humanoid and half bull, with bloodshot eyes and bearing a blood-stained battle axe! Minotaurs are extremely rare in the Underreign, the few that live in these dark lands are coming from the exotic Flaming Grounds, usually deported as slaves to become gladiators or bodyguards.

The tales describe this creature as an opponent that will not stop as long as the pulsating veins in its bull-like neck feed its homicidal fury!

Cursed Elf Assassin (Humanoid)

Cursed Elf Assasin: silent and lethal.

A dwindling race, almost extinct due to their low-birth rate, Cursed Elves live deep below ground and have done so for thousands of years. Their subterranean lifestyle has turned their skin an ashen color, almost white. The other creatures of the subterranean world have learned to fear these albino humanoids.

Through the centuries, Cursed Elves became lethal, silent Assassins, mastering the arts of hiding and disappearing, and learning to weave and manipulate the shadows. No wonder that in the Talon Coast, to indicate something deadly and unstoppable, they say "Lethal like a Cursed Elf in the shadows."

Cursed Elf Witch, cruel and dangerous.

Cursed Elf Witch (Humanoid)

As beautiful as she is evil, a Cursed Elf Witch is one of the most cruel and dangerous creatures of the Underreing. These sorceresses are so devoted to the flames, becoming fire demons of sorts, able to cast blazing fireballs.

In the next article: Drakendwarf, Soul Eater and Elf Priestess.

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