The Galaxy Defenders contest on ended yesterday with 3,751 entrants. The 10 winners will receive a copy of the core set of the game, or, for backers of Galaxy Defenders on Kickstarter, a $ 100.00 value of optional rewards available for the campaign.

With more than $ 123,000 pledged and over 900 backers, the Galaxy Defenders campaign on Kickstarter reached more than 20 stretch goals until now. With 6 days remaining until the end, on May 22nd, new stretch goals will most likely be achieved.

Besides the major prize, the winners who “liked” the Galaxy Defenders Facebook page before the end of the BGG contest will also receive the exclusive G-Droid figure (Human or Alien).

Here's the list of the 10 winners in the contest:

  • AndySzy (United States)
  • Jeffry Welfare (Australia)
  • Dave Taylor (United States)
  • Mike Haven (United States)
  • Paul Brelsford Ruiz (Australia)
  • Elvish Scout (United States)
  • Jeff Madigan (United States)
  • A. Jones (Canada)
  • J. Erick Christgau (United States)
  • Nico Robbemont (Belgium)
  • Ares Games thanks all the players who took part in the contest and congratulates the winners. To see the BGG announcement, click here.

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