The crowdfunding campaign of Sword & Sorcery - Abyssal Legends, the ultimate campaign set for the co-op fantasy dungeon crawler, enters in its final days on Kickstarter. The project ends on July 26th, and with two days to go, it counts over 2,250 backers and $270,000 pledged.

Abyssal Legends: epic climax for S&S Ancient Chronicles and Immortal Souls.

After the success of the first and second seasons, Immortal Souls and Ancient Chronicles, it's time for the epic climax of the saga. Abyssal Legends is a new campaign set which will bring the dark and scary vibes of the Cthulhu mythos to the Sword & Sorcery world, introducing fearsome new opponents and novel mechanics, including underwater adventures.

The Kickstarter project includes exclusive content which will not be available in retail afterwards, like the Abyssal Lord figure, with translucent water base and glow in the dark, Waypoint and Search Area figures, Artwork Map and Backer Cards, and accessories - S&S Dice Tray and Abyssal Green Critical Bag. Kickstarter backers will also receive a free Hero Pack, “Merlin”.

Backers will also have early access to, and unlimited free use of, the Sword & Sorcery Campaign Creator software (PC and Mac), a powerful app to help players to design their own Quests - using the different components in the existing sets - and to print them (or create a PDF) with a presentation similar to the official scenarios. Watch the video tutorial of the S&S Campaign Creator tutorial on Ares Games channel on Youtube.

Abyssal Legends is a campaign expansion to be played by high-level Heroes, requiring one core set and one ACT II set to play (either Ancient Chronicles + Northwind Tales or Immortal Souls + Darkness Falls). For this reason, two pledge levels are available: Abyssal Hero ($99) includes a copy of the exclusive Kickstarter edition of Abyssal Legends, featuring all the content of the retail version (20 detailed 32mm miniatures, a rulebook, a storybook, over 20 map tiles, site sheets, cards, and tokens), plus all special items, and all unlocked goals; and Abyssal Champion ($249), for players who are new to the game and want to receive, in addition to the Abyssal Legends rewards, everything else needed to play the full Ancient Chronicles saga.

The time is running out: Visit now the Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legends project on Kickstarter for more information and to pledge!

For more information about Sword & Sorcery, visit its website – and the game’s section on our website. To remain updated about Abyssal Legends, follow the Sword & Sorcery page on Facebook.

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