The Galaxy Defenders campaign on Kickstarter had a great start: more than 300 backers had already pledged and the US$ 40,000 funding goal was achieved in only 8 hours.

The first mission for the GD agents was completed, and now the project has entered into the stretch goal zone: when the pledges reach US$ 60,000, Ares Games and Goblin Project will add free of charge to the Galaxy Defenders core set one additional map tile, featuring the Alien Spaceship #1, and one additional mission to play with it.

The Galaxy Defenders Kickstarter allows backers to choose among 12 different pledge levels, offering a copy of the game, with everything needed for playing - 23 high-detailed miniatures, modular maps, custom dices, agent profile sheets, event, alien and closed-encounter cards and more - and access to four different exclusive miniatures, available only to the backers of the project.

Other five stretch goals are already set, including new map tiles and new Alien figures. Further stretch goals will be revealed as the project goes on. Check out the Galaxy Defenders page on Kickstarter and join the GD Agency!

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