Beyond the Horizon: new expansion for Waste Knights Second Edition.

The section dedicated to Galakta Games is updated with two upcoming releases: Beyond the Horizon, new expansion for the post-apocalyptic game Waste Knights Second Edition, and Snails, a dynamic game for 2-4 players ready to command squads of pumped up mollusks in a pitched battle.

Waste Knights: Second Edition is set in dystopian Australia destroyed by experiments of a powerful corporation. Each player becomes a rugged hero traveling through the wasteland, facing unnatural weather and enemies forged in long-forgotten laboratories as well as experiencing adventures full of dramatic choices. The expansion Beyond the Horizon takes the heroes to visit places far from the Australian continent, sail out to places only known from legends and myths. Players can explore a new map enabling you to visit Tasmania or Solomon Islands altered by the Apocalypse, fight sea monsters and search for fresh water – a new resource that will make the game even more realistic.

Snails: Command squads of pumped up mollusks in a pitched battle.

In Snails, each player leads a squad of pumped up mollusks that combat on a dozen islands, which get destroyed as the game progresses. With surprising twists and combos, destructible terrain tiles and bitter rivalry, the game grants lots of fun for families and geeks. The gameplay combines hand management, action planning and tactical movement, with a little bit of luck.

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