The English edition of two new games by Galakta, distributed by Ares in North America and non-European countries, are now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US stores on November 11th: the retro sci-fi deck-building and strategic game The Shadow Planet and Waste Knights - Tales from the Outback, the first expansion for the post-apocalyptic game of adventure and survival.

The Shadow Planet: The Board Game is based on the Italian graphic novel by the Blasteroid Bros, and inspired by movie classics, such as Forbidden Planet, The Thing, or Alien. Designed by Gianluca and Giacomo Santopietro, authors of Letters from Whitechapel, it's a unique blend of a gripping horror plot and hidden identities with a new approach to the deck-building genre, offering a great gaming experience and a chance to use a completely different strategy every time to play.

Tales from the Outback: first expansion for Waste Knights Second Edition.

Waste Knights: Second Edition is set in dystopian Australia destroyed by experiments of a powerful corporation. Players becomes a rugged hero traveling through the wasteland, facing unnatural weather and enemies forged in long-forgotten laboratories as well as experiencing adventures full of dramatic choices. The expansion Tales from the Outback contains all non-exclusive game components from the successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, upgrading the core game with new Adventures, new Knights and vehicles to travel the wasteland and new game mechanics.

For more information, visit the Galakta Games section.

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