Two new accessories for War of the Ring - Second Edition arrived at Ares Games' US warehouse: the War of the Ring Deluxe Game Mat and the new Witch-King Card Box and Sleeves. The deluxe game mat is now shipping to everybody who pre-ordered it on Ares Games webshop and will start to hit US stores from December 2nd, together with the new version of the Card Box and Sleeves. These accessories will be also available in other countries in the coming weeks.

The awaited War of the Ring Deluxe Game Mat has an impressive size of 88x128 cm - a 50% larger playing space than the standard game board. It is printed on high-quality neoprene, and rolled into an elegant tube, matching the size of the limited-edition Anniversary Release board. The first print run is entirely allocated for pre-orders on Ares webshop and to retailers, and a second printing is already in progress - with pre-orders open.

The War of the Ring Card Box Witch-king Edition.

The War of the Ring Card Box and Sleeves - Witch-king Edition features the Witch-king of Angmar and the symbol of the Shadow Armies. The Witch-king Edition is the third version of the War of the Ring Card Box and Sleeves series, a perfect accessory for any fan of the game to contain all the game cards, protected and well-stored. It includes 120 custom 67 x 120 mm card protectors, in an exclusive sturdy full color tin box using fantastic artwork by John Howe. The other two boxes feature Theoden, King of Rohan, embossed with the “War of the Ring” logo, and Gandalf the Grey and the symbol of the Free Peoples.

To pre-order the Deluxe Game Mat, visit Ares Games' webshop. For more information about the accessories, visit the War of the Ring section.

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