Command squads of pumped up mollusks in a pitched battle

Gather around bellycrawlers… and prove your mettle!

There’s no peace on the Gastropodia Islands. Especially not when snails grab their weapons and start a deadly combat. Each squad is ready to show the other mollusks who’s the boss. Bazookas, flamers, mines, barrels full of toxic waste, hammers and drills… These are the snails’ tools of the trade used with a blinding speed unusual for those rather slow creatures.

Snails is a dynamic game for 2-4 players ready to command squads of pumped up mollusks in a pitched battle. Each squad is led by a unique leader who grants their soldiers special abilities and enhances their chances to win by eliminating opponents with an assortment of funny weapons.

Each combat takes place on a dozen islands, which get destroyed as the game progresses. Your snail may end up in the water in no time and see for themselves that marine pollution is real! Additionally, by excavating more island levels you may encounter all kinds of surprises – from new gear to lethal traps.

Simple and intuitive rules of Snails are based on action planning. Just secretly choose 5 Action Cards and 2 snails from your squad to perform them, then watch the mayhem that you cause! Of course assuming that your rivals don’t outsmart you and eliminate your troops before they get to act… Add to this Heroes’ special abilities, tens of various Action Cards representing weapons or special attacks and custom dice and you will end up with a great gaming experience.

Snails guarantees great fun with fast, but strategic and competitive gameplay, immersive and funny artwork by “Djib” Reynaud – a world-famous French illustrator, and high replayability thanks to various game modes and battle scenarios.

Make sure that your faction is the last one standing on the board and deserves its share in salad leaves!

The English edition of Galakta's games is exclusively distributed in the
United States and non-European countries by Ares Games.


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