All the gaming tables at Ares Games booth ran at full steam during the four days of Essen Spiel 2022, with hundreds of players trying War of the Ring - The Card Game, Orconomics and Inkognito. Upcoming games and accessories were showcased, as The Rich and the Good, War of the Ring Deluxe Game Mat, Wings of Glory balloons, as well as recent releases like Frozen Steel - the new expansion for Last Aurora - and Quartermaster General: 1914.

Our Sword & Sorcery line was also present, with the first copies of the upcoming Ancient Chronicles Hero Packs available at the show - Genryu and Shakiko and Sigrid and Sigurd, and the Alternate Hero and Ghost Soul Set. In addition to the first chance to get the next releases, the sales corner had also great deals on several games.

We at Ares Games are very happy for the great reaction of the public to our new games. The collaboration with Dized, with the War of the Ring - The Card Game interactive tutorial for the demos, was a great experience, and we look forward to developing it further in the future.

Our warmest "thank you" to the many players who came to greet us and encouraged us with their support and appreciation; and to the amazing demo crew and sales team at Essen Spiel 2022. See below a quick photo report of Ares booth at the show (click to enlarge).

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