The English rules of Fire and Swords, the new expansion of War of the Ring – The Card Game, are now online. Fire and Swords introduces epic battles in northern Middle-earth, adds new factions to the game, and allows to play an amazing 6-player experience, with adaptable scenarios tailored for smaller groups.

Download: War of the Ring The Card Game – Fire and Swords (English Rulebook) (869 downloads )

Fire and Swords expands the strategies offered by War of the Ring - The Card Game with immersive gameplay, vast card variety, and integration of beloved themes from "The Lord of the Rings". Three new factions join the fray: the stout-hearted Northmen fighting for the Free Peoples, alongside the formidable Easterlings and cunning Ruffians allied with the Shadow. The expansion brings also new paths and battlegrounds for the "War in the North". It also includes all-new Shadow cards to play with the first expansion, Against the Shadow, for solo and cooperative gameplay.

Fire and Swords is due to release in August 2024, and pre-orders are still open on Ares Games webshop.

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