How about opening the box and starting to play War of the Ring – The Card Game, skipping the rulebook? The upcoming new release in the “War of the Ring” line will offer this option since day 1, thanks to a collaboration with Dized. This is just the first step of a wider partnership on the War of the Ring game line.

Dized tutorial for War of the Ring - The Card Game will be presented at Spiel.

The War of the Ring – The Card Game tutorial will be presented at Essen Spiel 2022 with multiple Dized-assisted tables at the Ares’ booth (Hall 3 F-101). Dized is already at work on the tutorial for War of the Ring Second Edition board game, which is due to be ready in early 2023.

Dized interactive tutorials enable players to learn a game while playing it. They can be used with any smart device and allow players to learn the game immediately, in an intuitive way. Fully animated smart tutorials, completed with a guiding voice, follow the flow of the game and adapt to the game situation, making even heavier titles easy to learn and play.

Dized tutorials are available for free when you download the Dized app (Android and iOS) and on the web.

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