Inferno: new expansion for Black Rose Wars.

Five new expansions for Black Rose Wars are now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the US hobby stores from December 8th: the new and rich expansion Inferno, featuring the most dangerous opponent a Mage can face - Lucifer itself, and four Familiars sets to empower the Mages with funny but powerful pets, unique and limited. These expansions will become available in other countries in the following weeks.

In Black Rose Wars, each player is a powerful mage of the Black Rose Order who aspires to become the new Supreme Magister, to acquire the mighty power of the Black Rose Artifact and the Forgotten Magic. They must then use their powers to battle their way through the Black Rose Lodge, fighting in a modular arena of hexagonal rooms.

Inferno expansion takes the battle to the Underworld. Mages will have to face Lucifer and his infernal evocations while they fight to dominate the Black Rose lodge. It adds to the game new rooms, new evocations and an artificial intelligence that hinders players by commanding legions of enemies. It also presents a new set of events and quests to guide players through these burning hot rooms, and 18 beautiful miniatures.

Black Rose Wars - Familiars: Draco's miniatures.

The four sets of Familiars - Cerberus, Draco, Griffin, and Hydra - bring little helpers who can grant to the Mages additional special powers, and add a special touch to the battles for the control of the Lodge. Every set includes three different specimens, each of them with generic abilities common to all Familiars, as well as unique ones linked to the mythological race to which it belongs.

For more information about the game and expansions, visit the Black Rose Wars section.

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