Meet the greatest inventor in the world, Leonardo da Vinci; face a new and hilarious triple boss; or become a rebel and take head of a new university society: in three new expansions for Dungeonology - The Expedition arriving in US stores in late August – Leonardo’s Workshop, Triple Threat, and Unruly Students – the scholars of Rocca Civetta University, still aspiring to become full professors, will find new adventures and challenges.

Released two years ago, Dungeonology is an atypical dungeon crawler designed by Diego Fonseca and Danilo Guidi. Players take the role of Scholars of University of Rocca Civetta, in a town in the Italian hinterland, sent to study unlikely places, populated by mythic races. The first to collect enough information on the inhabitants of a dungeon to present a thesis will become the new Professor of Dungeonology.

Leonardo's Workshop: an expansion with a new setting for Dungeonology.

The core game, for two to four players, presents four scholars - Valerio the Squire, Sofia the Scum, Vincenzo the Novice, and Rebecca the Apprentice, each of them with different abilities and characteristics as well as different strengths and weaknesses, and tries to win with different strategies. The expansion Erasmus introduced four new students, each coming from a different part of the world, allowing the game to be played by up to six players. Now, these three new expansions bring even more variety to the game.

Leonardo’s Workshop is the first “big box” expansion for Dungeonology - The Expedition, introducing a completely new setting for the game. The most deserving students at the university are invited to an internship in Leonardo Da Vinci's workshop. A unique opportunity to join the greatest inventor in the world, known for his extraordinary skills in all the arts and sciences. But the gruff old genius won 't make life easy for the Scholars. He likes to put practice before theory and has prepared a series of terrifying exams which will give participants lots of new knowledge, but also lots of broken bones!

Mechalisa, the war robot, and the minis of Leonardo and a new student.

This expansion adds the Zones of Leonardo's Dungeon to the game, which allows for the exploration of the Florentine genius' laboratory. In the new Workshop mode, Leonardo will unleash the same Dungeon against the unfortunate Scholars. Once inside Leonardo's mechanical workshop, the Scholars will face amazing contraptions and moving rooms as they try to collect the information necessary to obtain credits in the arts and sciences which Leonardo masters. Even if they do, Leonardo is unwilling to let his secrets out of the laboratory, and by revealing them, the Scholars will likely infuriate the genius and lead him to unleash his huge war robot, the fearsome Mechalisa.

Triple Threat: first "Boss" expansion for the game.

Triple Threat is the first “Boss” expansion for Dungeonology and adds a new challenge to the core game, enhancing replayability and entertaining players with a new unusual opponent. A terrible wild trio of spriggans roams the dungeon and will put the scholars of Rocca Civetta in a tight spot, with new tactics.

Spriggy, with his giant boots, will make noise by calling attention to the Scholar he chooses to follow, but he can also guide him to the most inaccessible places of the Dungeon. Pinky, with his devastating punches, will chase away all the Students who approach a Scholar, but at the same time threatening the opposing Scholars. The Brain, with his huge and bulky mask, constantly distracts a Scholar, even if he will help them collect Information Cubes. And if the players manage to stand up to these three spriggans, they must face the invincible - and hilarious - Spriggazord, the ultimate Boss, created by the three little beings merging with each other, which will challenge all the Scholars, teleporting to their areas and harassing them relentlessly.

Unruly Students: rebellion in Rocca Civetta.

The third new expansion, Unruly Students, introduces four new student societies and turn the Scholars of the core game into fearsome Bosses. The Scholars – Vincenzo, Rebecca, Sofia and Valerio – got tired of the rules of the university and rebel, taking charge of the new brotherhoods to sabotage the expeditions. Valerio becomes the Boss of the wild revelers Gamma Congregation, Vincenzo of the scholars of the faith-based Delta, Sofia is the Sigma Boss, running a network of expert spies, while Rebecca leads the diligent scholars of Theta.

When one of these new Bosses is used in the game, the Students of their brotherhood can be used in addition to the standard Students of the core game: drawing one of them from the University Bag will activate the Boss’ special powers. This expansion allows to play with two of these Bosses in the same game, doubling up the threat - and the fun!

* This preview article was originally published by Game Trade Magazine, issue 264 (February 2022).

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