The winner: Roger Usart Serradesanferm's photo of War of the Ring.

The first Ares Games Photo & Paint Contest on Facebook has a winner: Roger Usart Serradesanferm's beautiful War of the Ring photo prevailed over almost 150 entries - and in the final rounds against the beautiful images created by Trevor Dow, Alexandros Rudolf Besmak and Mario Martinez Arrabal.

Roger will receive a gift coupon of $ 300 value and each of three runner-ups will receive a gift coupon of $ 100 value. Roger, Mario and Alexandros will also get an extra $ 50 coupon because they also posted their photo on Instagram. A "Special Jury Prize" was assigned during the contest, as several players sent creations, such as comics and other creative images, which were not the subject of the contest. The entry chosen by the Jury was "A Day in the Forest", by Peter Mourlas.

The contest launched on April 1st and Ares Games team selected eight candidates to dispute the prize by popular vote. They were randomly paired against each other for voting from April 16th to 27th, and the winners entered the semi-finals for a new voting to define the final challenge. Roger Usart Serradesanferm's War of the Ring sweeping view and Trevor Dow's "The Last Flight of the Red Baron" (WW1 Wings of Glory) were acclaimed finalists, and after a week of close vote, Roger won with 425 votes, against 247 to Trevor.

As announced in the final voting, Ares offered a Special Bonus Giveway to celebrate the end of the contest to one of the fans of Ares page on Facebook commenting the winner: Bruno Mongioi will get a copy of either War of the Ring Second Edition.

Ares Games thanks all players who took part to the contest, submitting photos, voting and commenting!

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