The new immersive role-playing game First They Came starts to hit the US stores from April 20th, and will be available in other countries in the coming weeks. Published by Chaos League and successfully funded on Kickstarter one year ago, the game has its English edition distributed by Ares Games, and is now releasing to retail as the fulfillment to backers was completed.

First They Came: an innovative and immersive RPG set in Berlin, 1942.

First They Came is an innovative role-playing game set in Berlin in 1942 where players step into the role of persecuted characters by the regime for ethnic, political, gender, or religious reasons, trying to survive fear and hate. They play in the dark, or blindfolded, guided by audio tracks that reproduce the different environments in which the story unfolds. Deep and human characters, with their doubts and weaknesses, looking for a difficult redemption because they too, to survive, have done things they are not proud of.

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