Roger Usart Serradesanferm - War of the Ring

Trevor Dow - Wings of Glory.

The Ares Games Official Group Photo & Paint Contest on Facebook enters in its final phase with the two best images acclaimed by popular vote: Roger Usart Serradesanferm's War of the Ring sweeping view and Trevor Dow's "The Last Flight of the Red Baron" WW1 Wings of Glory's "aerial" photo.

The first semi-final ended with 240 votes to Roger Usart Serradesanfer's photo, over 155 to the Battlestar Galactica - Starship Battles suspenful rendez-vous recreated by Mario Martinez Arrabal, while the second counted 128 votes to Trevor Dow's picture over 69 to the detailed diorama and photo by Alexandros Rudolf Besmak inspired by the first quest of Sword & Sorcery Immortal Souls.

Now, final voting is open: visit the Ares Games Facebook page until Tuesday, May 12th, at 1 PM CEST, and choose your favorite image.

To celebrate the end of the contest, Ares is offering a Special Bonus Giveway: one of the fans of Ares page on Facebook commenting the winner will get a copy of either War of the Ring Second Edition or a Beginner's Set (Rules and planes) of WW1 Wings of Glory. Vote now, comment, and take your chance to win the Special Bonus.

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