"A Day in the Forest", by Peter Mourlas, selected for a "Special Jury Prize."

The first phase of the Ares Games Official Group Photo & Paint Contest is over. Participants displayed an amazing amount of creativity and passion for our games, with almost 150 entries, and Ares Games team selected the eight candidates for the final prize - the choice was really hard! We had to leave out a lot of beautiful photos and displays of modeling and painting skill, and we want to give our thanks to all participants.

Several players also sent creations, such as comics and other creative images, which stretched a little the bounds of the contest. This was really funny (and maybe we'll do in a future a new contest for this kind of creations), and we decided to choose one of them, "A Day in the Forest", by Peter Mourlas, for a "Special Jury Prize."

Here are the 8 candidates to the final prize:

  • Alexandros Rudolf Besmak - The Heroes fight their way into the city
  • Cam Tucker - Treebeard
  • Juan José Gracia Roches - Ariel keeps rolling against impossible odds
  • Michael Domrose - Dwarves vs Sorcery
  • Mario Martinez Arrabal - Apollo and Starbuck Going to the Pegasus with the President
  • Roger Usart Serradesanferm - War of the Ring
  • Sarah Weiss - The Ringbearers
  • Trevor Dow - The final flight of the Red Baron

Starting on April 16th, these finalists will be randomly paired against each other and, by popular vote, four will be selected to enter the next round of the contest. The winner will receive a gift coupon of $300 value and 3 runner-ups will each receive a gift coupon of $100 value.

Take part to the next phase by voting on Ares Games Facebook page!

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