Additional Ship Mats: expansion to handle multiple ships in Sails of Glory.

Three Sails of Glory accessories which were out of the stock are now available again: the reprints of the Terrain Packs Coasts and Shoals and Coastal Batteries and the Additional Ship Mats are now shipping to distributors and starting to hit the stores.

The Terrain Packs feature modular terrain components that can be combined with each other and with the Sails of Glory Game Mat to create new scenarios and expand naval battles. The Coastal Batteries pack includes 6 different, modular coastal batteries elements and 5 battery logs, and the Coast and Shoals presents 6 modular coast elements and 10 shoals.

The Additional Ship Mats includes 4 ship mats and sets of action counters to handle multiple ships in a battle. Together with the ship log included with each ship model, the ship mat enables a player to handle the actions of that ship, and to keep track about everything that happens to the vessel, from special damage, to the settings of the sails.

For more information, check the Sails of Glory accessories section.

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