The two metal card boxes for War of the Ring - The Card Game.

The accessories for War of the Ring - the Card Game, two beautiful metal card boxes and two sets of custom sleeves, arrived at Ares' warehouse and are now shipping to distributors. The boxes allow players to store the entire game in a compact and stylish manner, while the custom sleeves are an alternative option to protect the cards. These accessories will arrive in US stores from March 31st, and will be available in other countries in the coming weeks.

The metal Card Boxes come in two versions - one for the Free Peoples and one for the Shadow). They feature the faction's logo by Francesco Mattioli, the iconic "Doors of Durin" art by John Howe, and the “Phial of Galadriel” illustration, for the Free Peoples version, and the “Black Breath” for the Shadow, both by Domenico Cava. The boxes include 60 premium clear card protector sleeves for the faction cards and 30 large card protector sleeves for battleground and path cards.

Custom Sleeves: with beautiful art of the faction card backs.

The two sets of Custom Sleeves are also available in versions for Free Peoples and the Shadow), featuring the wonderful art created for the back of the faction cards. Each set contains 60 custom card protector sleeves in the 63 x 88 mm format, and sleeved cards fit inside the War of the Ring - The Card Game component tray. These sleeves can also be used as art sleeves for other games using cards of this size.

For more information about War of the Ring - The Card Game and these accessories, visit the War of the Ring section.

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