The pre-orders for the War of the Ring - the Card Game are open on Ares Games webshop until September 24th, with a new option: pick-up at Essen Spiel 2022. The game is due to release in November 2022 and the first copies will arrive at the show. Ares is also announcing two metal card boxes and custom sleeves for the game, to be released in Q1 2023, which will be offered for separate purchase.

The two metal card boxes coming for War of the Ring - The Card Game.

War of the Ring - The Card Game is a multiplayer game developed by Ian Brody - the creator of the Quartermaster General series. Based on "The Lord of the Rings", War of the Ring - The Card Game has been developed to give to players the same emotions of the War of the Ring board game, with fast-paced gameplay and simple rules. In War of the Ring - The Card Game, up to 4 players compete in two teams, the Shadow against the Free Peoples, each player using a specific and different card deck representing the strengths and weaknesses of the different factions involved in the war.

The preorder deal on Ares webshop includes a set of four exclusive promo cards that players can optionally add to their decks - Ioreth (Dunédain), Ghân-buri-Ghân (Rohan), Gothmog (Mordor), Whip of Many Thongs (Monstrous), at the SRP price of US$ 44.90 (+VAT if applicable). Shipping to Continental USA and European Union is free of charge, and for customers outside the EU and US, it is possible to do a group order with a significant saving on the shipping costs.

Free Peoples and Shadow Custom Sleeves, with beautiful art of the faction card backs.

Several accessories are coming for the game.

  1. Two beautiful metal Card Boxes (one for the Free Peoples and one for the Shadow), also including premium quality transparent card sleeves for both faction cards (60 sleeves) and location cards (30 sleeves). With one of each box, players can store the entire game in a compact and stylish manner.
  2. Two sets of 63 x 88 mm full color Custom Sleeves (again, Free Peoples and the Shadow) using the beautiful art of the faction card backs. The Custom Sleeves are an alternative option to protect faction cards, the main cards in the game, and can also be used as "art sleeves" with any game using the same card size. Sleeved cards will fit inside the game box tray.

For more information about pre-orders, check the offer at Ares Games webshop. For the game and accessories, visit the War of the Ring section.

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