The pre-orders for Against the Shadow, first expansion of War of the Ring - the Card Game are now open on Ares Games webshop. The pre-order offer includes, as a bundle, a new card box with sleeves ($ 15.90 SRP), as well as the expansion itself ($ 24.90 SRP) and a set of 2 promo cards, at a price of $40 including free shipping to Continental USA ed European Union. The delivery is estimated for Autumn 2023.

Against the Shadow Pre-order Bundle: the expansion, two promo cards, and a new card box with sleeves.

Inspired by the best-selling and award-winning War of the Ring board game, War of the Ring – The Card Game immerses players in the quest of The Lord of the Rings. The game allows them to explore their own version of the trilogy, using uniquely designed card decks representing the strengths and weaknesses of the peoples and characters who fought in the War of the Ring.

Its first expansion, Against the Shadow, enables players to experience the adventure alone or cooperatively. The player(s) will control the Free Peoples, using the normal rules and cards included in the War of the Ring – The Card Game. Automated players control the Shadow decks, which entirely replace the cards included in the core set and which are tailored for solo/cooperative play. In conjunction with a simple flowchart, the new Shadow decks provide a sophisticated challenge for one or two players.

The pre-order bundle includes a set of two Alternate Promo Cards for solo Mode: Gothmog (Mordor), Whip of Many Thongs (Monstrous), and the new Shadow Card Box and Sleeves (Balrog version), featuring the wonderful art created for the Shadow cards, with the Shadow logo by Francesco Mattioli, the iconic “Doors of Durin” art by John Howe, and the “Whip of Many Thongs” illustration by Andrea Piparo. This set also includes 60 premium clear card protector sleeves for the faction cards and 30 large card protector sleeves for battleground and path cards.

For more information, check the offer at Ares Games webshop. For the game and accessories, visit the War of the Ring section.

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