The Galaxy Defenders - The Earth Strikes Back! contest on ended yesterday with 3,274 entrants. The five winners will receive a copy of the Earth-level rewards of the Kickstarter campaign (“Operation Strikeback” and “Extinction Protocol” expansions, plus two KS-exclusive figures, plus Earth-level stretch goals).

In addition, they will also receive their choice of either one copy of the Core Set and Elite Alien Army Expansion, or the Add-ons and Stretch Goals reserved to the Moon Backers. Winners already backing the campaign will be automatically upgraded to the Galaxy pledge level instead (including both the prizes above).

With more than $ 260,000 pledged and over 1270 backers, the Galaxy Defenders campaign on Kickstarter already reached 28 stretch goals adding a lot of value in add-ons. Tuesday, June 17th, is the last day to pledge. The campaign ends on June 18th at 3:00 AM CEST (1 AM UTC/GMT).

Here's the list of the 5 winners in the contest:

  • J.R. Wr / ropya (United States)
  • Dan / Misterboy (United States)
  • Scott Neves / UtahScott (United States)
  • Brian Franzman / Bokrug (United States)
  • Thomas H / Kosmoko (Austria)
  • Ares Games thanks all the players who took part in the contest and congratulates the winners. To see the BGG announcement, click here.

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