Great start for the Season 2 of Galaxy Defenders on Kickstarter, “The Earth Strikes Back!”. Launched on May 28th, it achieved the $40,000 initial funding goal in less than 5 minutes, and is reaching stretch goals very fast. In the second day, more than 10 goals have been unlocked, and in 35 hours the project reached the same amount of funding achieved in 35 days by the first campaign, in 2013. As we write, it's about to reach a total of $200,000 pledged, with almost 1,000 backers.

The Master Alien Kingator, one of the Stretch Goals already unlocked.

The Master Alien Kingator, one of the Stretch Goals already unlocked.

The stretch goals add great new items to the game, including NPCs (Non-Player Characters), new Agent profile sheets, the Vigil and GD-5 drones and other devices, and even a multi-hex Master Alien, the Kingator. The next goal, at $200,000, will add to the Kickstarter rewards the Top Secret box - a full color container for the KS rewards.

The box will also include three additional Top Secret powers and items - created by the backers of the project. Ares Games and Gremlin Project launched a challenge for backers to become one of the inventors behind the cool gadgets used by the Agents: the new items they imagine can be posted to the Comments page of the project. Gremlin Project will pick the three best ideas and they will become the Top-Secret tokens - properly credited to the authors, of course.

New stretch goals will be revealed as the campaign goes on. For more information and to pledge, visit the Galaxy Defenders The Earth Strikes Back! Kickstarter page.

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