The new Galaxy Defenders campaign – “The Earth Strikes Back!” – started today on Kickstarter, and the funding goal of $40,000 was achieved in less than 5 minutes after the launch!

In this “Season 2”, Ares Games and Gremlin Project present two new expansion sets, “Operation Strikeback” and “Extinction Protocol”, which will bring the cooperative science-fiction board and miniature game to new battlefields. The campaign ends on June 18th at 2 am CEST (1 am UTC/GMT).

Galaxy Defenders' Operation Strikeback expansion - Assault on the dark side of the Moon.

Operation Strikeback - Assault on the dark side of the Moon.

The upcoming expansions are set after Agents have won the battle on Earth, destroying the Alien Mothership. In Operation Strikeback, the Agency launches a strike against the Invaders’ base on the Moon, with the help of genetically modified new agents to face new the alien menaces.

In Extinction Protocol, it’s time for the final assault on the Alien home planet, with Agents equipped with a new generation of weapons and wearing awesome Power Armor to fight the deadly perils and the worst enemy they ever faced.

Each of these expansions can be used independently of the other, and each of them include a similar amount of content as the Core Set: more than 20 figures (and possibly more added through stretch goals), new maps, lots of new weapons, tactics, and devices.

Extinction Protocol - Into the darkness for the final battle.

Extinction Protocol - Into the darkness for the final battle.

The two sets are the backbone of the new Kickstarter campaign. They will release simultaneously (expected for February 2015), and all pledge levels include both sets.

The expansion set Operation Strikeback is expected to have an SRP of $75, while Extinction Protocol is expected to have a suggested retail price of $85. All Kickstarter backers will receive, in addition to the two expansions, two exclusive figures, Niobium and Trititium, which are the first representatives of two new classes in the game – Psionic and Support.

The initial funding goal is US$ 40,000, and backers can choose to support the game at different pledge levels, streamlined into three "color-coded" main choices:

• Earth (Blue) - the entry level of the campaign, include the new expansions and the KS Exclusive figures as rewards, keeping the pledge at the minimum; • Moon (Red) – for who wants everything included in this Kickstarter, • Galaxy (Purple) – all rewards of Moon level and stretch goals, plus the Core Set and the Elite Alien Army expansion.

Several options – such as additional miniatures, new ways to use existing miniatures, new cards, new gameboards, extra weapons and devices – will be offered during the campaign, many of them free of charge to all backers. If the funding level is exceeded, Stretch Goals will add new rewards. The project starts with three stretch goals already announced, and more will be revealed as the campaign goes on.

Based on the experience of its previous Kickstarters, Ares Games will organize the shipment of the rewards to be "EU-friendly". Shipments within the European Union will not have to clear customs.

For more information and to pledge, visit the Galaxy Defenders The Earth Strikes Back! Kickstarter page.

Check also more details about the Kickstarter campaign and the upcoming expansions in the preview articles available in this website.

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