In one week, the Galaxy Defenders campaign on Kickstarter already got 600 backers and more than US$ 77,000 pledged, with three stretch goals unlocked. The funding goal of US$ 40,000 was achieved on the first day, only 8 hours after the launch. Now, the first gameplay video is available, providing a detailed overview of Galaxy Defenders' gameflow.

The video describes two complete game rounds. Three agents are on the battlefield during a patrol mission: the Marine is an excellent soldier who can manage different combat situations; the Biotech is the most technologically adept agent in service, and he can use Nano-Technology to heal wounds or to control war drones; the Infiltrator is a deadly spy who can perform stealth actions.

For a better understanding of the system, a second video will be released soon, featuring the combat system. For additional details about what's going on in a typical game, there's also a beta version of one of the missions available on the Galaxy Defenders website.

To know more about the game, pledge levels, rewards and stretch goals, visit the Galaxy Defenders page on Kickstarter!

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