The Limited Edition of the Lords of Middle-earth expansion (English version), is completely sold out.

This special edition of Lords of Middle-earth is produced in only 1000 copies. The first 500 copies were offered at the beginning of January and were sold out in less than 2 days. Many customers were disappointed by the limited availability and the print run was extended to 1000 copies - 800 in English and 200 in German.

The first 500 copies are expected to ship out to customers in March. The second half of the print run is scheduled to arrive about one month later.

The Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth features a complete set of hand-painted miniatures and it is the first limited edition item created by Ares Games.

The Limited Edition features a complete set of painted miniatures

In addition to the painted miniatures (compatible with the War of the Ring Collector’s Edition), the Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth includes the Treebeard Promo Mini-Expansion (with painted miniature and card) and a numbered certificate of authenticity, packaged in an elegant, embossed and hot-foil stamped, box.

The cards, dice, rulebook and markers included are the same ones included in the regular edition.

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