Ares Games is re-opening pre-orders for the Limited Edition of the Lords of Middle-earth expansion.

Previously offered as a limited printing of 500 copies only, the Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth was offered by as a pre-order on January, 2nd. It was sold out in only 33 hours. Now, 500 additional copies, 300 in English and 200 in German, will be offered to the public, for a total of 1000 copies distributed worldwide.

"The pre-order was over so fast that many of our customers did not even realized it was opened," commented Christoph Cianci, CEO of Ares Games. "Moreover, together with our distributor, Heidelberger, we realized we had to offer an opportunity to get a German version of this expansion to the owners of the German version of the War of the Ring Collector's Edition. For these two reasons, we decided that extending the print run to a total of 1000 copies was the right thing to do. The print run remains limited, but we will give a second, and last, opportunity to those people who missed the first chance to get a copy of this unique item."

Anybody who ordered the Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth during the initial pre-order will receive a copy numbered between 1 and 500.

Pre-orders for the 300 additional copies of the English edition will re-open on January, 14th at 4:00 p.m. GMT.

In addition, 200 copies in German language will be exclusively distributed by Heidelberger Spieleverlag. Details for the pre-order of the German edition will be announced by Heidelberger in the near future.

The Limited Edition features a complete set of painted miniatures

More Info about this Pre-order

An additional quantity of 300 copies of the English edition of Lords of Middle-earth will be distributed by Ares Games at the same price previously offered, US$ 49.90 + Postage & Packing:

  • - Continental USA: $ 10.00 P&P (Total $ 59.90)
  • - Canada: $ 18.00 P&P (Total $ 67.90)
  • - Rest of the World: $ 25.00 P&P (Total $ 74.90)

A strict limit of one copy per customer will be enforced.

This special edition features a complete set of hand-painted miniatures. The print run is now limited to 1000 copies (800 in English language and 200 in German language.

English copies are only available directly from Ares Games and German copies from Heidelberger Spieleverlag.

In addition to the painted miniatures (compatible with the War of the Ring Collector’s Edition), the Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth includes the Treebeard Promo Mini-Expansion (with painted miniature and card) and a numbered certificate of authenticity, packaged in an elegant, embossed and hot-foil stamped, box.

The cards, dice, rulebook and markers included are the same ones included in the regular edition (either in English or German language, depending on the version you purchase).

The Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth is expected to ship to customers in late March 2013 (actual date may change).

For any question, please contact us using our contact form.

Important notice: Any customer who purchased the product on the previous offering of 500 copies has the right to cancel the order, and to be fully refunded, by contacting our customer service.

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