After less than 2 days since opening pre-orders, the Limited Edition of the Lords of Middle-earth expansion (English version), is sold out.

This special edition of Lords of Middle-earth is produced in only 500 copies, and is expected to ship out to customers in March. It features a complete set of hand-painted miniatures and it is the first limited edition item created by Ares Games.

The Limited Edition features a complete set of painted miniatures

In addition to the painted miniatures (compatible with the War of the Ring Collector’s Edition), the Limited Edition of Lords of Middle-earth includes the Treebeard Promo Mini-Expansion (with painted miniature and card) and a numbered certificate of authenticity, packaged in an elegant, embossed and hot-foil stamped, box.

The cards, dice, rulebook and markers included are the same ones included in the regular edition.

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