War of the Ring is one of the four games selected for the first edition of the War Game Invitational, part of the World Series of Board Gaming (WSBG), an annual event held in Las Vegas that supports casual and competitive board gaming. The War Game Invitational will open the WSBG event on September 21st, with four tournament of great war games to choose from - Julius Caesar, Star Wars Rebellion, Twilight Struggle, and War of the Ring, with prizes up to $5,000 in cash for the winners, depending on the number of entrants - there are 64 seats for tournament.

War Game Invitational: War of the Ring tournament.

The WGI War of the Ring tournament will start on Saturday September 21st at noon, continuing on Sunday, 22nd. The competitors will play the base game, without expansions or optional rules, and players will bid for sides. To participate, players must buy a ticket, the War Game Invitational Pass, which costs $297 and includes the WGI two-days tournament and also entry into the 5 days of Side Events offered by WSBG (shows, Open Gaming, Outer Ring Games, National Championship Games & Award ceremonies).

For more information, visit the WGI - War of the Ring tournament page, and check the WSBG FAQ.

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