Great news for those diving into War of the Ring Second Edition: a Dized tutorial is now available for the game, with an interactive online rulebook. This marks the second collaboration between Ares and Dized, following the tutorial of War of the Ring - The Card Game.

War of the Ring board game tutorial on Dized.

Dized's interactive tutorials provide players with the opportunity to learn a game while actively playing it. Compatible with any smart device, these tutorials allow players to grasp the game immediately in an intuitive manner. The fully animated smart tutorials, complemented by a guiding voice, seamlessly align with the game's flow and adapt to different situations, making even complex titles easy to understand and enjoy.

Dized tutorials are available for free when you download the Dized app (Android and iOS) and on the web. For the new War of the Ring Second Edition tutorial, click here or or search "War of the Ring" in the Dized app.

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