It's time for the Holiday Sale on Ares Games' online shop, with an enticing selection of games from Ares and our partners, exclusive bundles, discounts up to 75%, and free shipping worldwide for orders of $200 or more ($150 or more if shipping to Contiguous USA or EU). The sale concludes on Monday, January 15th, but be mindful that many of the offers have a limited stock.

The Holiday Sale offers special bundles like Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Heroic Bundle, with two Hero Packs - White/Black Monk (Genryu/Shakiko) and Thane/Skald (Sigrid/Sigurd), Ancient Chronicles Alternate Hero and Ghost Souls Set, and Ancient Chronicles Ghost Soul Form Heroes for $69.90 (instead of $101.60); the Dungeonology Bundle, including the Dungeonology Core Set and all available expansions (Erasmus, Leonardo's Workshop, Triple Threat, and Unruly Students) with 60% discount ($99.90 instead of $249.00); and the Black Rose Wars Familiars Bundle - all four packs (Cerberus, Draco, Griffin, and Hydra) with 55% discount ($35.00 instead of $79.60, not available in Europe).

Only in the US, two discounted bundles of games distributed by Ares are on offer: Waste Knights Bundle inclusive of the Tales from the Outback is priced at $99.00, down from $144.90; Mini Rogue, with the base game plus the expansions Depths of Damnation and Glittering Treasure ($39.00 instead of $52.70).

Many other games and expansions beckon at special prices, including recent releases like FITNA, Saigon 75, Fighters of the Pacific and Inkognito, older items are available at discounts of up to 75%, and miniature game lines of Wings of Glory and Sails of Glory boast discounts of 20%.

Check out our Holiday Sale for these deals, and don't delay, as some offers are subject to limited availability.

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