It's time for the Winter Sale on Ares Games' online shop, with many great games from Ares and our partners, exclusive bundles, discounts up to 70% and free shipping worldwide for orders of $200 or more ($150 or more if shipping to Continental USA). The sale will end on Monday, January 23rd, but many of the offers have a limited stock, so it's better to order soon to not miss them out.

War of the Ring - Winter Bundle.

The Winter Sale offers special bundles like the War of the Ring Winter Bundle, including the base game, Lords of Middle-earth and Warriors of Middle-earth expansions, the Card Boxes and Sleeves Witch-king and Gandalf versions, and the promos Treebeard and Tidings & Burdens, at the special price of $ 170.00 (regular suggested retail price: $ 216.50), and the Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Winter Bundle, with the Ancient Chronicles Core Set and the mini-expansions Chaotic Familiars, Lawful Familiars, and Minions for $ 99.90 (instead of $ 138.60). These two bundles are available worldwide.

In the US, three bundles of games distributed by Ares are offered at a discount: Waste Knights Bundle with the expansion Tales from the Outback for $ 120.00 (instead of $ 144.90); This War of Mine: The Board Game with the expansions Tales from the Ruined City and Days of the Siege ($ 144.00 instead of $ 169.70); and Mini Rogue plus the expansions Depths of Damnation and Glittering Treasure ($ 45.00 instead of $52.70).

Check out our Winter Sale for these deals and hundreds of other games and miniatures with special discounts.

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